Brisbane Property Podcast

Ep 29 - Adding Value to Brisbane Properties - with Special Guest Fergus Reid

November 12, 2020

Understanding the most cost effective way to renovate or add value to a Brisbane Property is an important first step to take, before you buy.  In this episode, we discuss the things you need to check that can add significant cost to a renovation or refurbishment down the track.

We are joined by the Director of Northline Developments, Fergus Reid, who shares lots of valuable tips for property buyers or established property owners to consider.  We cover what things you can look for pre-purchase, the costs versus compromises when renovating a property and why the planning phase is so important before you engage with a building contractor.

We even cover some weird things that we have all seen during renovations of older homes in Brisbane - some of the things you might expect to see behind the walls and under the floor!

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Also to get in contact with Fergus Reid at Northline Developments visit him at or call 0473 990 009.

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